Marriage and Family Therapy

As a systemically trained therapist, I believe the family is the core of society. We have all been shaped by the family we were born into and the family we create later in life. Family therapy can be deeply helpful when there is one person struggling or the entire family is going through a tough time. As their most important context and resource, children need to feel safe, loved and understood in their family. Let me help you and your children learn the resources you need to overcome difficulty, improve communication and develop a strong emotional connection that will last a lifetime. 

Are you a new mom? Do you struggle with postpartum anxiety or sadness? Has it been a few years since you had children but don’t quite feel like yourself yet? Research shows that it can take years for a woman to feel physically and mentally like they did before they had children. Anxiety and depression after having children is normal, it just takes some self-care to get yourself back on track. Let me help you take a step towards self-care so you can beginning feeling like the happy and fulfilled woman you are capable of being

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